Alex in front of the apartment building she now lives in
Alex in front of the apartment building she now lives in

Outside of having time to binge-watch some TV shows there have been few positives during the near 14-months of the pandemic, especially in the early going when we were basically locked inside our homes.  However there was one benefit, at least for me and that was my adult daughter returning home and getting to spend unexpected quality time with her.

Like many Alex left her Hoboken apartment last March and moved back in with us since she was working remotely.  It wasn’t exactly what she wanted as she had been living in a place often called “college after college” with two of her best friends since graduating from Penn State in 2014.  The pace was a bit slower back home but she made the best of it and things got even better when she moved into my brother’s condo in Seaside Park in October.

However as things started opening up Alex and one of her roommates (Chelsea DeGiacomo) decided that it was time to make a move and that move would be to New York City where they both work.  Ironically Alex started a new job with a public relations firm this winter and still has not met any of her co-workers as everything is done remotely.  However that’s expected to end by September and they decided now was the time to find an apartment where they wanted to live on the West Side of Manhattan.  Several weeks ago they found what they wanted in Chelsea (same name as her roommate) and Saturday was move-in day.

It was with mixed emotions that we loaded up the car just like when we moved her into college her freshman year.  Everything went remarkably smoothly from delivery of her bed to cable installation…Chelsea’s dad Mark in very handy and made up for my deficiencies. My son and grandson came in later and we went to lunch in one of the many and I do mean many restaurants in the neighborhood.

Then we returned home while Alex began the next stage of her life, one she is very excited about.  In full disclosure her Mom and I will miss her dearly but are thankful for the bonus time we got to spend with her.



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