It's true...I just bought a new pair of sneakers that I absolutely love!  My sneakers have memory foam in them.

It's crazy I don't usually get to buy new sneakers or I should say they're not on the top of the list when I have to buy shoes, but this time I was actually looking for that comfortable pair of sneakers.  Now, sneakers are supposed to be so comfortable but I've had plenty through out my life that just weren't.  My little toe would be squashed, my big toe would be squashed and then if I'd go up to another size they would rub in the back and my arch doesn't fit perfectly.  When I'd buy these sneakers at the store they'd always feel great, but then I'd wear them for a long period of time and my feet would hurt.  Not these..these memory foam sneakers by Sketchers are wonderfully comfy!

Sue Moll, Townsquare Media

Do you have that pair of sneakers or shoes that you just can't live without?