My sister opened her door to find a pleasant surprise last night:  a family of Christmas carolers.  It's something she hasn't seen in decades.  Come to think of it, I haven't had carolers come to my door in about 20 years either.  She says the musical interlude was the highlight of her day and gave her a nice warm nostalgic feeling.  I totally understand.  Music is one of those simple pleasures that can brighten anyone's day.

I'm remembering when I was in grade school, I would go door to door with some neighbors, young and old.  We'd sing a song or two at each stop and sing on the sidewalk while we travelled from house to house.  It was a fun thing to do that added to the excitement of the holiday week.

Did you used to sing Christmas carols around your neighborhood?  Do you know anyone who still does it?  Do you know of any holiday music performances coming up in Ocean County?  Please share in the Comments section.


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