My Birthday Week was made a little happier with the addition of a new family member.  I adopted an adorable hound mix named Taylor.  She's settling in nicely, happy to have a forever home after being surrendered when she got pregnant.  Taylor's puppies found families but Taylor remained in the care of a rescue organization, until I adopted her.  The process of searching for a dog is quite easy now, thanks to the internet.

Websites such as and allow you to search for the animals that are available. and show thousands of furry friends who would love to find a nice warm place to call home.  Animals of all ages, shapes, and sizes are wanting to love and be loved.  By rescuing a pet, you're making a commitment for the lifetime of the pet, so it's not a decision to take lightly.  But if you and your family feel the time is right, and you've got the willingness and means to open your door and hearts to a canine companion, the dog will love you forever.  And I think you'll find YOUR home and YOUR weeks will be a little happier as a result.  To those of you who already have a dog, please use the Comments section to share what you love about having a fur-baby.

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