These three have been through a lot together, open up your home and heart to these cuties.

Popcorn Park Zoo
Popcorn Park Zoo

Cayenne, Banjo and Tara are the sweetest terrier trio that are so deserving of a great home after all they've been through. The three were removed from a horrible situation, where they were living in a car and found there on a 95 degree day while their owner was in a bar and forgot about them. Luckily, the little ones did not perish in the heat, but they were terribly neglected and overgrown, and they required extensive grooming. They all feel like brand new pups now and are ready to put their awful past behind them and start fresh. Cayenne, a 4 year old female, and Banjo, a black & white 7 year old male, are both Tibetan terriers, and Tara is a 15 year old Cairn terrier. The three have been together forever, are very close, and will need a home where they can stay together forever. They are extremely sociable and friendly, and happy to meet new people. Tara is a little more reserved, due to her age, so they will need a home with no young children, but they adore people, are well behaved, and are so very sweet. If you can offer them the great life they deserve, come in and meet Cayenne, Banjo and Tara!

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