You know, I wasn't planning on doing another update on the Round 2 voting for Mascot Madness 2017, but I found the activity since our last update to be compelling enough to justify an update as we head into the weekend.

As of right now, three out of our four races are incredibly close, with one in particular tipping back and forth all week.


Toms River East Raiders vs. Brick Township Green Dragons - When I wrote about this matchup on Wednesday, it was literally tied. In the two days since, the Raiders have slowly started pulling ahead. It's still anybody's matchup to win, but from where I'm sitting right now, it looks like the Raiders are salivating for a repeat championship.



Barnegat Bengals vs. Toms River North Mariners - Our midweek update showed the Bengals just edging ahead of the Mariners, but it was close. Like, really close. Since then, however, the Bengals have extended their lead a good bit. It's not insurmountable for the Mariners, but if they want to make it to the semifinals, they'd better get the vote out this weekend.



Donovan Catholic Griffins vs. Central Regional Golden Eagles - When I took a look at this matchup two days ago, the Griffins, who are the #2 seed, seemed to have fizzled in their momentum a bit, so they've been playing catch-up this week. The Griffins have gotten some of their groove back, but the Golden Eagles are still just in the lead.



Toms River South Indians vs. Lacey Township Lions - All due respect to the Lions, but the Indians look to run away with this one. South has been ahead all week. And while the Lions have made some gains, they'll need to make a big move this weekend to roar into the next round.



The summary above is not final by any means. If everyone sits down and votes for their favorite just once this weekend, and then shares with their friends and family, it'll go right down to the wire!

Remember, folks, this is a head to head elimination. Only 4 mascots will make it to the semifinal round next week. Voting officially closes at midnight on Sunday.



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