“March Madness” is the term used to describe tournament time in college basketball and I’ll get to that in a moment.But let me open by saying the final episode of season one of “This is Us” was just as maddening as what will take place on basketball courts around the country today.

If you have not watched it yet then consider this a spoiler alert and cover your ears for the next 45 seconds or so.  We were all led to believe that this week’s episode would finally answer the question of how Jack died and his wife Rebecca ended up with Miguel. In truth we were led to believe by our own hopes that the million dollar question would be answered although creator Dan Fogelman gave us a hint (we thought) with the season finale preview.

Well, for those of us who watched this week we know the question was not answered and we have to wait until next fall. Maybe.

What I will say is “This is Us” is one of the best network TV dramas ever, features a tremendous ensemble cast, brilliant writing and an amazing ability to go from the present to the past at just the right time.It truly is television at its best and if you have not caught the fever then you have plenty of time to go on demand and catch it.

Now for the real “March Madness," the NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament which gets into full swing with 16 first-round games today and another 16 tomorrow.  Millions of people around the country have submitted their brackets after debating the merits of the Wildcats, Tar Heels, Jayhawks, Bulldogs and Blue Devils.

Those are among the teams likely to be there towards the end but what makes the tournament special is the upsets that will likely come over the first four days.  I’m usually terrible at this but if you like longshots then teams like Middle Tennessee, UNC-Wilmington, Rhode Island, Bucknell and Wichita State might win a game or two.

When it’s all said and done I like Arizona, Kansas, Duke and UCLA to make it to the final four but watch out for Notre Dame, SMU, Wichita State and Creighton.

In other words I have no idea what will happen but unlike “This is Us” I will get answers over the next couple of weeks.


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