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Ocean County welcomed home a hero after battling COVID 19. Manchester Police Officer Sergeant Antonio Ellis returned home to Toms River following a battle with Coronavirus.

Officer Ellis was greeted by family, friends, and coworkers recently after battling COVID 19 for 102 days. As previously reported by WOBM, Ellis returned to Ocean County after a stay at Magee Rehabilitation Jefferson Health in Philadelphia and was happy to be reunited with his wife and children.

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Ellis tested positive for the virus back in March. He then spent around a month on a ventilator while in a coma according to Township Mayor Ken Palmer. A fight for his life, that Officer Ellis WON!

There was a big send-off for Officer Ellis when he returned home. After Ellis was released from Magee Rehabilitation Jefferson Health, Police in Philadelphia gave Ellis an escort out of Philly. They escorted him back to Manchester’s police station. Once back in Manchester Ellis received a royal welcome back by township employees and by his fellow police officers. Officer Ellis was also welcomed back by police officers from the Ocean County Sheriff’s Department, Lakewood and Toms River. A great showing of support from officials, the community, and his fellow Police. Truly a great story to hear during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

During his hospitalization at Magee. Officer Ellis underwent a month and a half of intensive physical therapy to regain his strength, which was overseen by the Magee staff at the rehabilitation center in Philadelphia.

Welcome home Sergeant Ellis, we send our love and prayers to you and your family and we are glad you are reunited. A true story of survival during the COVID 19 Pandemic.

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