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With Halloween right around the corner, things are getting spookier.

If you've ever wondered how ghost hunters (or, as we prefer, paranormal investigators) get started, here's some simple gear that you can grab to put together your very own ghost hunter starter kit:

A good flashlight

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If you're going to be stalking spirits in the dark, a good flashlight is a must for any ghost hunter.

If you only get one piece of gear to use specifically for ghost hunting, make a really good flashlight that one thing.






K-II Meter

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Now, we start to get into the specialized equipment.

Electricians and contractors have used K-II meters for a long time as a way to track down electromagnetic leaks where they shouldn't be.

The paranormal community co-opted the simple tool to do the same thing - to track EMF activity in places that you wouldn't expect it.

Sure, that spike could just be a poorly shielded fuse box, but what if it's not?





Digital voice recorder

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Personally, I'm a big fan of the iPhone's built-in Voice Memos app for recording audio. The quality is excellent and it's already on your iPhone.

But, if you keep your phone with you you'll want an audio recorder that you can put down and leave to record while you're doing your investigation.

You never know what you might find when you listen back to it.







Motion activated night vision camera

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Here's another great piece of gear that was developed for a specific group that the paranormal community has taken a liking to.

Hunters have used trail cameras to follow the patterns of animals in favorite hunting spots for a long time.

The same technology is perfect for ghost hunting. After all, you're basically trying to do the same thing - tracking unexpected movement in the dark.




A good, sturdy case

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Now that you've gotten yourself some new gear, you'll need a way to take it all with you (and I can tell you from experience that cargo shorts only get you so far).

These cases are great because you can tailor them to your specific gear, with pieces of foam that can be removed to perfectly snuggle your new toys.






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