Thanks to the for bringing us this adorable story of love. This couple is celebrating their 75th Wedding Anniversary!

This Toms River couple has celebrated the ups and downs and now just enjoy everyday by going with the flow.


Jack, 99 and Emily, 97 Mascola were Married on May 9th, 2018. They have 6 grandchildren and 7 great-grandchildren. Adventure, family, and love is what has gotten them through all these years. Check out this poem Jack wrote for his bride in 2010:

It was many and many a year ago at an Army camp by the sea
that a maiden appeared with my sister, when she came to visit me
For the Army's sake they had to make a soldier out of me
but they were whistling Dixie with my mind on Emily

Our courtship was haphazard, so where do I begin?
For after all I must stand tall, we had a war to win
A furlough was coming, an opportunity
That's when you decided that you would marry me

With Louis and Theresa our little family grew
we had some anxious moments when all the bills came due
The problems came, the problems went and they were far and wide
But I could handle anything while you were at my side

Quick as a sign the years went by with all the drum and fife
So many things took place, some brought joy, some brought strife
but what's the most important thing that happened in my life?
that glorious day, the ninth of May, when you became my wife

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Love is truly everything!


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