Not everyone plans out a huge holiday meal for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Maybe you are going to church on Christmas Eve and you don't want to deal with putting on a big feast. Maybe you are not having company and you are just looking for a meal out. Maybe you will entertain guests but you want someone else to do the cooking. Whatever the reason, not everyone cooks on Christmas.


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According to a recent article by Patch, here are some of the restaurants open on either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day

(As LISTED By The Patch)


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So if you are looking for alternatives to cooking yourself be sure to check out this list and be sure to plan and get in touch with these restaurants to see what is available for either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. We hope whether you cook yourself or you dine out that you have a fantastic holiday meal and enjoy it. Merry Christmas :)

Do you have a go-to for holiday dining? Share your recommendations for others to take advantage of. Post your comments below :)


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