Summertime at the Jersey Shore and maybe you are looking for something fun, educational and tasty for you and the kids to do? Have you tried blueberry picking? New Jersey has the BEST blueberries and they are ready for you to come and get em'

My Wife and I recently went blueberry picking and it was a lot of fun and you won't find fresher berries then grabbing them off the bush yourself! We headed south to Atlantic County (Dimeo Farms) in Hammonton, but there are many fabulous farms to hit across New Jersey. Many farms right here in Ocean & Monmouth Counties. The price is right too! The farm we went to had music playing while we picked so it added to a relaxing Summer day outdoors.

Couple of things I wanna point out if you go. Wear shoes that your not worried about getting dusty, blueberries thrive in sandy soil and you'll be walking through it ... no open toe sandals. Wear a hat, it's summer and you'll be out there for awhile so keep that sun off your head and bring some water to keep hydrated. We found it quite HOT and we were glad we did bring h2o. You may also want to bring some bags to put your blueberry containers in, depending on how the farm has you collect them.


Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels


Of course after your done you'll be rewarded with blueberry muffins, pie, pancakes and fresh berries to gobble up at home. We even froze a bunch so we'll have blueberries for the next several months.

It's a great way to get the kids, also Mom and Dad, out for some fresh air and exercise. Plus blueberries are a very nutritious fruit and we have the BEST here in Jersey!

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