I am not an art expert, I am not a Van Gogh expert, but I do enjoy art and I do enjoy Van Goghs’ works so this day trip to New York City this summer was fantastic! It was a totally new way to experience and “art show”.

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Immersive Van Gogh is the work of a wonderful creative team consisting of Massimiliano Siccardi, Luca Longobardi, Vittorio Guidotti, Corey Ross, Svetlana Dvoretsky, Slava Zheleznyakov, and many more…..it is much different than a traditional art show. Instead of looking at the “original” works hanging in a gallery, which is a great experience, this show brought the works to life as they unfolded before your eyes with visual effects and music. Even with the “mega gallery”, I’m posting here in this article you still need to see, hear and feel this art show to totally experience it. So if you are looking for something different this summer then maybe this is for you.



Couple of things I’ll share from my experience. I drove into the city, so of city, driving isn’t your thing maybe look at alternative travel options (mass transit, Uber, etc) Parking was super easy ($36) located right at the venue. The show is not super long, probably 60-90 minutes at most to see the show, exhibits, and visit the gift shop. If you get dizzy easily, well this show does have a slight feeling of motion due to the elaborate video effects but a Disney roller coaster got me more than this lol so ….. there are three separate viewing rooms I suggest room three, which has balcony viewing and some seating is available. Plenty of restrooms, snack bar and shopping at the gift shop. All and all we enjoyed this day trip and yes “air conditioning” is so perfect for a hot summer day.

Scroll through my “mega gallery” and get a sense of what Immersive VanGogh NYC is all about ….


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