This literally looks like something out of a video game.

Buckle up, New Jersey; something really cool is headed our way this Fall!

One of the things I love most about living in New Jersey is all of the entertaining stuff we have to do here.  We've got beaches, ice skating rinks, roller rinks, Top Golf, amusement parks - the list goes on and on.

But, there's even more entertainment in store for us in The Garden State, according to  And if all goes as planned, it'll be a short day trip away from Ocean County.

Are you a fan of go-karting?  Think of this new experience as extreme go-karting.  Per, Supercharged Entertainment is bringing the "world's largest" go-kart track to New Jersey!  How do I sign up?

But wait, there's more!  Go-karting isn't the only fun you can expect at this go-kart track.  The article also shared there will be a bar, ax throwing, an arcade, bowling, virtual reality, and restaurants.  It sounds like the perfect place to bring the family (or to enjoy alone, I won't tell anyone).

 Where will Supercharged Entertainment be located?

Supercharged Entertainment will be located in Edison, NJ right by TopGolf, according to & Google Maps.

When is Supercharged Entertainment opening?

We can hopefully expect all the fun to be ready this Fall!

This looks like the entertainment complex of the future!  I definitely want to be one of the first to get on those go-karts.  It reminds me of the Super Mario video games I used to play as a kid!

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