This Weekend the Taurid Meteor Showers will be peaking and it's setting up several weeks of stunning views if you are lucky enough to catch this fantastic meteor shower. Tonight's weather is calling for clear skies and lows in the low 40s. Perfect night for star gazing here in New Jersey.


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According to CNN, “You should look away from the moon but there's no preferred direction — just try to take in as much sky as you can,” Cooke advised. “And use your eyes. You don't want to use a telescope to observe a meteor shower — too small (of a) field of view.”


Tips For Watching Meteor Showers




In a recent Patch article, they discuss the peak Taurid Meteor Showers and how New Jersey will get a front-row seat. "The coming weekend offers the best chances for New Jersey stargazers to see the Taurid meteors, which have been rambling along since late September."


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According to the Patch, "The Taurids aren’t the only reason to look up, though. Shooting stars will blaze across the sky throughout November, with the much anticipated Leonids peaking at mid-month, and continuing into early 2024. Toward the end of November, the moon will get in the way. For reference, the full beaver moon is on Nov. 27 this year."


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So tonight after you are done watching football, take a walk outside to see if you can spot a meteor in tonight's evening sky. "First up during the next two months of incredible skywatching is the long-running Taurid meteor shower, a two-fer that consists of two different debris streams, the Southern Taurids and Northern Taurids."


Beaver Moon
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Don't forget the full Beaver Moon will be highlighted on November 27th this month, so mark your calendar for a great view of this spectacular full moon. Enjoy your star gazing and get out there and look up Jersey!






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