It is the prime Christmas season and the perfect time to check out Christmas lights and decorations. We have some absolutely beautiful displays right here in the Garden State and you don't even have to travel far to see these wonderful arrangements you don't even need to leave Jersey to see the best in Christmas decorating.


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There is probably a good chance you have a fantastic Christmas display right in your town or neighborhood that you can enjoy and celebrate the season. I've put together some links from social media so you can see just some of these wonderful displays right from your phone, tablet, or laptop.


Kenny Kincaid via Facebook


Andrew Fazio via Facebook


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Wow, some fantastic display that can be found right here in New Jersey. Do you decorate your home grandly for Christmas? We would love for you to share your display photos and video. Post your displays in the comments section below.


According to Lombardo Homes, "The majority (80%) of Americans are planning to decorate for the holidays, and most put a lot of effort into it! In our survey, people said it takes them an average of four hours to decorate for Christmas!"


Christmas Lights Luke Besley


Michael Kutas via Facebook


Lorie Laux via Facebook


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Stacy Guarino via Facebook


These are just some of the most fantastic displays in New Jersey. We will bring you more in the days to come to enjoy right here in New Jersey this Christmas season.


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