A local pharmacy in Ocean County made the list as one of the best.

Pharmacies and the people that work there are so important. They know us, they remember us, and answer so many questions the best they can.

It's National Pharmacists Month and it's the perfect time to award the pharmacies that do a great job. Yes, sometimes there are long lines, waiting inside or the drive-thru, but we need the pharmacy.

SingleCare, the free prescription savings service, recently announced the best of the best in pharmacy awards. I never even knew about this. Thousands of nominations came in for pharmacies throughout the country and we have a winner right here in Ocean County. Twenty-five winners were recognized for their amazing customer service at our local pharmacies.

One of the Best of the Best Pharmacy Awards winner is right here in Forked River, NJ.

The best of the best is the Rite Aid at 101 South Main Street in Forked River, NJ. This pharmacy won best pharmacy team. The really cool thing, the nominations came from customers. The customers that go to that pharmacy and know the pharmacy crew behind the counter wrote in and said how incredible this crew is. What an amazing award to win that comes right from the community. Congratulations to the Rite Aid on Main Street in Forked River.

The amazing crew from (Rite Aid) 101 S. Main Street , Forked River, NJSingleCare
The amazing crew from (Rite Aid) 101 S. Main Street , Forked River, NJ SingleCare

From SingleCare:

The Best of the Best awards highlight these often unsung heroes of healthcare and the essential work pharmacy teams do every day to keep their communities healthy.

WAY TO GO Rite Aid!

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