It's the dress all over again!

Remember a couple of years ago when everyone was all worked up about whether a dress was blue and black or gold and white?

Well, this is the 2018 version of that.

I first heard about the "Laurel" vs. "Yanny" debate on the news this morning. An audio clip was played, and some people swore that they heard "Laurel" while others were committed to "Yanny".

When I first heard it on TV this morning, all I heard was "Yanny".

But now, the only thing I hear is "Laurel".

So I think it's time for Ocean County to vote on it!

Ok, first, take a listen to the original audio:


I've heard some explanations that it depends on the quality of the audio. Having been shared so many times, the quality can get diminished, so being in a state of the art audio engineering studio, I took the original audio and pitched it up:


And then to keep experimental credibility, I went ahead and pitched it down as well:



But still, all I hear is "Laurel".

What about you? Take a listen and vote below!


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