Stick with me on this one, it gets just a little convoluted.

Here's the short version:

As the Press of Atlantic City reports, a woman from Philadelphia took a day trip to Long Beach Island to enjoy one of Ocean County's beautiful beaches when she got a surprise in the form of Long Beach Township Police surrounding her car, shouting at her to get out, and eventually handcuffing her because the car that she was driving was coming up as being stolen.

It turns out that the car that she was driving was her car, and it was thanks to what's known as a "courtesy tow" from police in Philadelphia that led to her vehicle being marked as stolen.

How that happened exactly went something like this:

Back in February, the woman's car was towed from its parking spot on a Philly street because tree trimming operations were taking place.

Of course, she got a shock when she saw that her car was missing and called the cops to report her car stolen.

She found it a few blocks away though, called back to report that she had found it, and she thought that would be the end of the story.

It turns out, though, that the stolen note was never removed from the car's record and it showed up as such on the Long Beach Township Police system all these months later, which is why the whole thing ended in handcuffs.

This is really just a general outline of what happened and why, there is a whole lot more to the story, which you can check out over at the Press of Atlantic City's website by clicking here.

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