IKEA, ABBA and meatballs aren't the only thing Sweden is known for. Now, the country has the distinction of being home to the world's most bumbling robbers.

Check out these two knuckleheads attempting to rob a watch store in Stockholm. The clip begins with one of them hauling their getaway motorcycle into the establishment while the other struggles to fire his gun in the air to show they mean business. He continues to try and fix his gun -- to no avail -- while he and his cohort stock up on merchandise.

When they get set to leave, they have trouble starting the motorcycle and the bozo with the gun points his weapon toward his partner's head and chest, which would've been a huge problem had he been able to figure out how to work it.

And did we mention this was all caught on tape? It's like two-thirds of the Three Stooges have been captured for all of eternity.

They eventually drive away, while inside the mall, as security and some other folks jog after them. Yeah, these are criminals so incompetent even Paul Blart could handle them. Authorities eventually arrested the duo near a McDonald's.


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