Residents of the Bay Front community in Lacey Township are hoping to help local officials come up with beach preservation plans.

A beach in Lacey Township (

A task force made up of Bay Front beach residents in Lacey Township will be presenting their beach stabilization power point this Thursday. Bay Front Park resident Pat Doyle says the findings are six years in the making and shows the significant progression of beach erosion and the threat it poses to the infrastructure and the property tax base.

Doyle says "we think its really going to portray some really viable solutions that the township can use to make our beach stabilized, more protective of the community and even improve it a little bit."

Doyle says they've also followed the instructions of experts from the State Department of Environmental Protection and Steven's Institute of Technology and have spoken with Mayor's and Council members of neighboring beach front communities to get their 'best practices'. "We've looked at what they've done. We've taken photography. We've talked to them about how did you use that beach and why did you choose that method and where did you get the funding? All of that will be a culmination of our presentation."

Doyle says they'll be making the presentation during the Township's Caucus Session at the Lacey Municipal Building at 7 p.m. The public is invited.