Getting ahead of the eventual closure of the Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station. That's the purpose of a meeting being held in Lacey Township this week hosted by 3rd District Republican Congressman Jon Runyan.

Oyster Creek Nuclear Plant (Exelon)

Runyan says he expects to talk about the closure's impact on jobs, tax ratables and the energy vacuum it would leave. "That plant in and of itself, supplies about 8% of the power to New Jersey. So when you take something like that off-line in a world where we're using more and more energy we've really got to be out in front of how we're going to replace it.

He says there's also the issue of the infrastructure that's already in place. "I've always said when you have a plant like that, you have all the infrastructure. ie.. all the transmission lines and that in place there and they're able to be used and just to throw something like that away which is an asset that cost millions if not billions of dollars to put in place, it'd be ashamed to let it go." He adds that it might be time to discuss whether we should be placing a natural gas facility at the Oyster Creek site.

The discussion takes place at 7 o'clock on September 25th at 6 p.m. at the Lacey Township Middle School.