I don’t know what came over me this weekend.  I reached deep into the corner of my dark kitchen cabinet and pulled out something I hardly ever use.  A panini press.

I may never know why I was led to this kitchen gadget but suffice to say it made my Sunday!  The buttery bread which got all crispy covering the delicious melted cheese, my panini was just what I needed to break what had become a bit of a breakfast rut consisting of cereal.  Sure, it’s a bit inconvenient to have to hand wash the gadget, but really, that’s not enough of a reason to keep it hidden in the drawer.

I’m thinking of all the panini possibilities now that it's come out from hiding.  Turkey, roast beef, chicken, endless types of gooey melted cheeses.  I’m salivating as I type this!

This recent rediscovery of a great kitchen tool reminds me that I haven’t been using my crock pot either.  Last year for a while I was really into the slow cooker.  I want to get back to filling the house with delicious fragrances and serving up great comfort  foods like soups and stews.  It's really nice on chilly autumn nights.

The gadget that is NOT likely to come out anytime soon is the microwave pasta maker.  It was a gift that I just don't see myself needing.   What about in your Ocean County kitchen?  What gadgets to you use frequently?  Which ones never see the light of day?