I don't care who you are or where you live, but I'm sure you have a junk drawer in your kitchen! Everybody does, right?

(We actually have two!)

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We asked our listeners what they had in their junk drawers and came up with quite a list!

It's funny, I look through these things and I think we have all of these in our junk drawers - or at least a half of some of these items! Like half a birthday candle, parts of a pen, etc.

Thanks for your input! Please let us know how many of these items you have in your New Jersey Kitchen Junk Drawer!

1. Phone charger (from Regina)

2. Candles (Kay)

3. Take out menus (Terri)

4. Batteries! (Melissa)

5. An old Jitney ticket. (Brian)

6. Mini-blind hanger part. (Pamela) YES! LOL

7. Casino chip. (Vanessa)

8, 9. "Just about every screw and Allen wrench from every project you completed just because you think you might need it someday." (John)

10. Beach badges! (Sara)

11. Old tax bills. (Charles)

12. Sand! (Jennifer) Maybe from those beach badges?

13. Wire ties. (Jennifer)

14. "All the extra sauce packets from Chick Filet, McDonald's, etc…" (Edith)

15. Old mail. (Joseph)

16, 17, 18. Take out menus, scissors, belly button lint! (Cheryl)

19. Plastic utensils. (Theda)

20. "Keys that you have no idea what they are for." (Brendan)

21, 22. "Push pins for corkboard and batteries…lots of batteries. Even ones that don’t work lol." (Joey)

23 24, 25, 26.   "Skewers...(having never needed a skewer) bread ties..a ruler..chargers that don't fit anything." (Fay)

27, 28. "Ikea Allen wrenches, and fast food coupon flyers." (Gwen)

29, 30, 31. "Bag ties, screws.  nails... (Yvonne)

32. Rubber bands! (Dorothy)

33, 34, 35.  "Pens pens and more pens. Most that don’t work, paper clips, Pencils (no points). (Vivian)

36, 37. "A crab mallet and a 45." (Jeremy) Um.....

38. "A few screwdrivers." (Marta)

39, 40. "Peoples business cards I don’t know what to do with. My dog's rabies tag." (lea)

41. "Ink pens that may or may not contain ink." (Michelle)

42. Tape. (Theresa)

43, 44. "A coupon for a deli that’s no longer open and an air pump needle." (Shannon)

45. Deck of cards. (Ruth) Usually, there are one or two cards missing...

46. "A  full box of slightly used candles…. Why throw out??" (Joanne)

47. Bridge pass. (Marta)

48. Key chain! (Jacqueline)

49. Boardwalk tickets. (Sheena)

50, 51, 52. "3m sticky things, selfie stick, bingo dappers." (Tiffany)

53. "Old out of date phone/address book." (Joan)

54. Fresh produce rubber bands. (Rebecca)

55. Disposable camera. (Peggy)

56. "Random screws that look fancy so they go to something but you will never know what." (Eileen)

57. Hammer. (Skip)

58. Broken refrigerator magnets. Matches. (Kimberly)

59. "Brass knuckles." (Tracy) I advise you to call first before visiting Tracy.

60. "Zip ties, extra big." (Maria)

61, 62. "Chip clips and at least 5 menus from multiple places... At least 1 of the restaurants needs to be closed or out of business." (Cheryl)

63, 64, 65, 66, 67. "flashlight, spare change, superglue, lint roller, measuring tape." (Cheryl.)

68. Old Parkway token. (Eric)

69, 70. "Staples but no stapler. Sticky notes that don’t stick anymore." (Caitlyn)

71. Duct tape. (Stacee)

72. Bobby pins. (Kristina)

73, 74, 75, 76, 77.   Melted candles, long reach lighter, chopsticks, nails, and napkins from takeout shoved all the way in the back." (Jason)  YES! LOL.

78. "All the extra hardware from anything you ever put together, just in case you need it!" (Noreen)

79, 80. "Posted notes with long-forgotten reminders and a lone Starburst candy." (Jim)

81. Thumbtacks. (Jillian)

82. "Old melted jolly ranchers." (Gene)

83. Gum. (Kelly Ann)

84, 85, 86, 87. Paperclips, "Suitcase keys, small tools, bits of scrap paper with outdated info." (Debbie)

88. Fishing sinker (Bill)

89. Dried out marker. (Caitlin)

90. Chinese takeout sauce packets. (Chuck)

91. Kids tiny toys. (Judith)

92. Band-aids. (Kim)

93. Expired coupons. (Harry)

94. Crayons (Cheryl)

95., 96, 97. Chopsticks, broken pet collars, bottle opener. (Eileen)

98. "A potato masher to prevent you from getting into the drawer." (Joe) YES!

99. "A clam shucking knife!" (Keith)

100. "Flashlights with no batteries." (Carleen)

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