The term "Mom & Pop Restaurant" gives you a good feeling right off the bat. Then when you find out the menu and see their delicious foods, you understand why "Mom & Pop's" are so popular and have such comforting food. I think that's what it is "Mom & Pop's" means "comforting food". We all know how popular "comfort food" is. Some of my favorite dishes are comfort food, Like chicken pot pie, spaghetti and meatballs, chili, soups, etc.


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According to Lovefood, they put together the best "mom & pop" restaurants in America and of course that includes right here in New Jersey. "Dreaming of a down-home meal just like Mama used to make? Sometimes good old-fashioned comfort food is the only thing that will do and, fortunately, there are plenty of places across the States that dish up exactly that."
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Lovefood says "You can barely move in New Jersey for traditional restaurants dealing in good old-fashioned Italian-American cooking – and Boniello's is one of the best. There's a generously sized menu packed out with all the classics, from angel hair primavera to linguine with claims, while a highlight is the chicken vodka sliders: breaded chicken doused in the house-made vodka sauce and tucked into a garlic-knot bun."


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So where is your favorite "Mom & Pop Restaurant"? Where do you go for your favorite "comfort foods"? Give us your recommendations and post them below, we always love getting your feedback and suggestions.

Enjoy your favorite comfort foods this winter :)


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