Self-Marriage is a commitment to valuing and prioritizing self-love and self-care within a culture that has neglected it, left it behind, commercialized and dehumanized it.  Self-Marriage is a commitment to being there for yourself, to choosing the livelihood and lifestyle that will help you grow and blossom into the most alive, beautiful, and deeply happy person you can be.  Self-Marriage is a way to formalize, proclaim, share, and sanctify self-love.  It can be honored as a concept in itself, through a physical ceremony, and regularly through one-on-one sessions to help grow and build this marriage ~


It's called "self marriage" and it's a trend that's getting more popular. I recently saw a news segment on "self marriage" and I was intrigued as to what this really is? To be honest I'm still not sure, but people are marrying ... themselves!



So What do you think? Would YOU marry yourself? Let us know what you think



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