It is that time of season and anyone with even one green thumb is thinking “gardening”. Great hobby, productive, safe outdoor activity, healthy etc. My wife April has extended our garden this year and it will be bigger than ever. She is growing tomatoes , cucumber , eggplant , peas, grapes , blueberries , strawberries , lettuce, spinach, cauliflower, carrots , radishes, beets, potatoes , zucchini, squash and trying her hand at corn .

So as you can see we are going to have quite the bounty this summer. It is really cool to not have to shop for produce and knowing you grew it yourself just gives you extra satisfaction.

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Now in addition to fruits and vegetables, April will also be growing several flower varieties in the garden as well. Not just for visuals, but to lure our friendly neighborhood bee’s to help pollinate. Several flowers including sunflower marigolds, daisies, pansies, petunias, etc.

So as you can see we love talking about gardening. That being said, Lowe’s announced they are going to have FREE gardening kits in April, that you can pick up and use for your backyard oasis :)

Beginning April 1st you can reserve your gardening kit at

There are several versions of the kits that will be available throughout then month of April.

  • April 8th: The Garden to Go Kit
  • April 15th: the Lowe’s Mystery Garden Pinata by CAMP
  • April 22nd: the Garden to Go Kits with tree saplings
  • April 29th: Lowe’s by CAMP Butterfly Quest

Several different kits with all kinds of fun and productive gardening activities. So get out and enjoy spring and make your home living space the best it can be.

What kind of gardening do YOU do at home?


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