Here it is 2016 and we actually have a day set aside to celebrate those shops that sell our favorite music.  In this digital age, with so many people streaming and downloading music, there aren't as many record stores as their used to be.

Many of those that are in business make a big deal out of Record Store Day, April 16th.  Some will host live musical performances, some will offer special discounts and giveaways.  Some Jersey Shore shops that are participating include Funk & Standard and Jack's in Red Bank and Holdfast and Groovy Graveyard in Asbury Park.

One of my memories from the 70s was when I begged my mother to take me to the record shop in Queens to buy that Elton John song "Crocodile Rock."  When we arrived, the store didn't even have singles on display yet.  They were still in the big delivery boxes.  So we waited until the shop employee dug out a copy for me.  And in the 80s, I recall spending hours in the record stores in Greenwich Village.  I'll never forget the time I noticed the customer standing right near me was the lead singer of the B52s, Fred Schneider!

Do you remember going to neighborhood record shops in Ocean and Monmouth Counties?  Did you have a favorite that you would regularly visit?


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