Did You Belong to the Columbia House Record Club?
If you were a teenager in the 80's like myself, then there's a good chance you belonged to the Columbia House Record Club. You remember the deal you would get like 8 albums for a penny! Then you had to buy several albums at regular price to finish your agreement.
Celebrating Record Store Day In New Jersey
Story by George W. Forman
Saturday, April 22nd is Record Store Day, a day to celebrate independent record stores throughout the country.  Many of your favorite artists will have limited edition releases for the occasion, including Fleetwood Mac, Elton John, Prince, Madonna, The Beatles, and newe…
Jersey Shore Celebrates Record Store Day
Here it is 2016 and we actually have a day set aside to celebrate those shops that sell our favorite music.  In this digital age, with so many people streaming and downloading music, there aren't as many record stores as their used to be...