Yesterday I hope I put to bed some safety and space concerns you may have had about cruising. Today I'd like to debunk a few more myths about vacationing at sea.

Need To Stay Connected:  Don't worry, most ships have internet access.   The speed and reliability may not be 100% of what you're used to at home but it's certainly enough to stay connected to your social networks and e-mail contacts.  A few of the ships I have been on have Internet Lounges, so you can use the ship's computers or use your own device with a wifi connection in other parts of the vessel.

Activities:  I promise you will not be bored!  The cruise director and activities director offer plenty of things to do day and night.  Trivia games, sports, dance lessons, variety shows, bingo, and lectures are just some of the offerings.  But remember, these are all optional. You might like to chill out and read the whole time and there are plenty of opportunities for you to do that as well.

Traveling Solo:  If you're single and want to meet other singles, you can.  Many ships have meetups for solo travelers which is a nice way to make new friends.  Plus it's easy to meet people at the bar, on a tour, in an elevator, etc.

Sitting With Strangers:  Most ships nowadays allow you to sit wherever you want with whoever you want.  Many people were uncomfortable with the idea of sitting at a big table with a group of strangers so the cruise lines seem to be moving away from that and making mealtimes more flexible, with smaller tables so you can sit with just your family if you want.

Motion Sickness:  I am prone to this yet I've never actually gotten sick on a ship.  I take one half or a whole Dramamine (non-drowsy formula) each morning and I'm totally fine for the whole day.   The seas can occasionally get rough but I wouldn't let that stop you from planning a vacation at sea.  I also wear the accupressure wristbands to prevent that queazy feeling.  You might want to see your doctor and get the behind the ear patches which I've heard work very well.  And remember, if you do get sick, there's a medical team on board every ship.  But for the most part, you will feel like you're at a resort on land.  The ride is that smooth!  Usually.

I've mentioned before that cruising can be a really affordable way to vacation so maybe you'll consider it an option for your upcoming vacation.  Whatever you manage to do to get away, I hope you stay safe and enjoy!



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