The group is holding their first boat race June 17 at the Barnegat public dock and is free to the public and if you're looking for a fun family weekend activity look no further.

It's two people per boat and the course is a little less than a mile long.

The racing season runs from June thru September with all the races being held in Barnegat & Tuckerton.

The boats can go anywhere from 70-90 mph.


Announcer for the Jersey Outlaws is a former racer himself.

"We have different activities going on during the day, and the most exciting thing is the boats themselves," Bill Irvin said. "They're loud, they're fast and they're a lot of fun to watch."

While the race is free to the public, there is a fee to register as a club member.

"Because of the expenses coming up with insurance and so forth, it has gotten a little expensive in our case," Irvin said. "To rent a boat for the entire season, it's roughly $1000.00"

These expenses go to the club, not the boat itself.

While the season is still months away, it is important to get involved now.

"Like any sport, you want to be prepared early, and if we get people involved now, maybe we can get new members, new people interested in buying a boat." Irvin said.

You can't just go to store and buy these boats though.

They build their own boats using a mold or from wood.

Volunteers are needed at the upcoming races this season and Irvin says they need about 10-12 per day to sell t shirts and food among other duties.

If you're interested, Irvin says the best way to sign-up is by contacting them on Facebook.

Sponsorship opportunities with the Jersey Outlaws are also available.

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