Four Pennsauken, New Jersey middle school students reportedly got sick and needed to be hospitalized after they ate gummy candy laced with marijuana.

It's not the snack you'd typically find in a middle schooler's packed lunch. Pot gummies.

But sometime on Wednesday, February 14th, four kids at Howard Phifer Middle School fed on marijuana gummies they got from a fellow student, reports.

Phifer Middle School Pennsauken NJ

Teachers reportedly noticed the students involved were not alert and appeared to be under the influence of something.

The children were sent to the school's nurses office for evaluation, where it was determined more serious medical attention was needed.

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According to, the four students were taken out of the school, put into ambulances, and transported to a nearby hospital. They are all expected to recover.

Now, the gummies are reportedly be analyzed by Pennsauken Police Department to found out exactly what substance(s) they contained as their investigation continues.

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School Superintendent Dr. Ronnie Tarchichi is not minimizing the seriousness of the incident and is asking parents to take more precautions at home if they are in possession of products containing cannabis like pot gummies, saying, "If parents do have that in their house, it should be in a secure location and students should not have access to it."

As for in the school setting, Tarchichi tells 6abc"We're going to have to check students at the middle school now for any type of candy that's not in a candy wrapper".

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