Astronomers and experts have laid out all 12 full moons for the new year, and it looks like New Jersey has two Supermoons, and two Lunar Eclipses to look forward to in 2024.

If you were less than observant in 2023, like me, who set multiple alarms and still managed to sleep through the last lunar eclipse, or you might be a sucker for a big, bright, colorful Supermoon, you may want to mark these 2024 dates on your calendar.


According to most definitions, like the one reported by, a 'supermoon' is a full moon that appears bigger and brighter due to its orbiting closer to Earth (less than 223,000 miles away).

And while we will have to wait most of 2024 to view one of these astronomical beauties, there will be TWO Supermoons back-to-back this year, Royal Museum Greenwich reports.

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Check out when moons will shine over New Jersey is 2024 below and when we might get our eyes on a lunar eclipse!

2024 Calendar of Full Moons, Supermoons, and Eclipses Over New Jersey has laid out a schedule of all the full moons, Supermoons, and lunar eclipses to look for over New Jersey in 2024. Here's what to look for and when.

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