Check Out The Crow Moon Over Ocean County [VIDEO]
Check Out The Crow Moon Over Ocean County [VIDEO] .... It is known as the "crow moon" or the "worm moon" and right now you can check out March's full moon. This month's moon ia also what is known as a "supermoon" so it may appear a bit larger than usual.
See Photos Of Wednesday's Full Moon
Take a Peek at the Full Worm Moon.....Incase the clouds Wednesday hindered your view of our latest full moon, I thought I'd share some photos. This current full moon is best known as the "worm" moon.
Chance to See the Supermoon Tonight!
Did you get a chance to see the "Supermoon" Monday night? This January Full Moon is also referred to as the "Wolf Moon". I took the Photos above last night and if skies are clear I'll be out tonight again, it's a beautiful moon to kick off 2018.
The W...