As the crowds gathered across Water Street in downtown Toms River, there wasn't a big boom or a wrecking ball swinging, but there was a ceremonial start to the final days of Toms River's Red Carpet Inn.

As we told you yesterday, the Township of Toms River announced that the hotel that's been owned by the town and vacant since late last year would be demolished today.

People who gathered hoping to see the building crumble to the ground may have been disappointed, but it doesn't change the fact that the Red Carpet Inn is finally coming down, as signaled by the first blow to the building from a construction claw:

Photo by Vin Ebenau
Photo by Vin Ebenau

Township officials told WOBM News that the demolition will be carried out in stages, with sections of the building being dismantled individually.

The idea is to remove the building in a controlled manner to try to minimize the impact on Water Street traffic and to protect the neighboring Toms River as much as possible.

The Township's contract with the demolition company calls for the work to be complete by the end of July.

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