How beautiful is this place located in Downtown Toms River, NJ.

The Rebecca Finn House is truly versatile and all this space is right under one roof. It's a perfect spot for a wedding, baby shower, special events, and more. It's a house with everything. It's on one acre of property, private parking is available, and there are eight different rooms and five bathrooms. What an amazing backdrop for your intimate affair.

EdwardDerule, Getty Images
EdwardDerule, Getty Images

The Rebecca Finn House also offers outdoor gatherings. The view of the Toms River is gorgeous and it's in a great location of Toms River. They have everything you need for your parties or events. From tables to an overnight suite rental, a private chef, and more.

dolgachov, Getty Images
dolgachov, Getty Images

What's the "Wellness for Women Day" Event that The Rebecca Finn House is hosting?

From The Rebecca Finn House Facebook page *pay one price and you're in for the whole day*:

Come and experience the tranquility of The Rebecca Finn House, while receiving services such as:

- Dermaplaning (half hour)
- Anti aging facial (half hour)
- Anti aging facial (one hour)
- Anti aging facial + Dermaplaning (one hour)
- Massaging back facial (half hour)
- Eye makeup + lashes (half hour)
- Face/contour/brow/lip makeup (half hour)
- Full makeup + lashes (one hour)
-Hair & Make Up & Photoshoot, or pics taken while hanging out!
-Hair Extensions
-Reiki & Sound Baths

A beautiful spread with a variety of foods to chose from!
Please give us a call with any other questions! You are welcome to BYOB, and chill around the beautiful house and grounds!!

This sounds just perfect. We all need a day just like this, click here for more information and ticket information. The price for the "Wellness for Women Day" event is $299 located at The Rebecca Finn House at 86 E. Water Street. The day of the event is Wednesday, June 28th, 2023, sign up now for an incredible day.

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