Do you still enjoy "watching" your music ?


So I'm home recouping and taking a little medical R & R ( Nothing too serious I'll be back Thursday ) and I slept a good part of the day so I'm now up and I stumbled across the video concert channel (Palladia) and I am totally enjoying watching Queen in concert from 1981 .... when I was a Sophomore in High School.

I am from the MTV generation , I was there to watch the birth of the music video and we loved seeing or music as much as hearing it, but that seems to be a lost past-time. Now I will admit with age I now enjoy good live concert footage and unplugged acoustic show pieces .... not the cartoons and explosions type of video we did have back in the 80's lol

I enjoy seeing videos from our time, but also really enjoy seeing today's artists perform. I don't think you can be true music lover if you can't find something good from each generation and genre .... So is musics visual side dead ? I hope not ....

Variety is the spice of life ~ William Cowper  


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So do you enjoy "seeing" your music ? I do .... Have a favorite "Live" Band ? Post your suggestions in the comment section below