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Originally this location on Route 9 in Lacey Township was a Charlie Brown’s franchise. The Charlie Brown’s closed, after operating for quite some time, in 2010. Charlie Brown’s just recently closed some remaining sites here at the Jersey Shore. Following Charlie Brown’s this location became Rella’s Tavern. Rella’s also has location in Brielle and they expanded to Forked River  for a time, but that location then closed. The existing building was demolished.

Fast forward to today and I was recently driving through Lacey and noticed this property still was leveled and nothing had replaced the former restaurant locations and sits empty.

Shawn Michaels

We once again find ourselves contemplating what is need for our hometowns. To me it appears that services that are needed daily, quick service and drive thru seem to be popular suggestions from listeners. This may be partly to blame on Covid 19 because people are socially distancing and feel anything ”drive-thru” is safer and saves time.

So can any ”drive-thru” business flourish in today’s world? For instance could a mom and pop coffee shop with drive-thru compete with Dunkin & Starbucks? Or is the answer you must be a franchise with a drive-thru?

So now we open the floor once again to our fantastic listeners here in Lacey Township, Sue and I love your input and we want to know what you think could make it on this great location on heavily traveled Rt 9 in Forked River? What kind of daily or quick service business with possibly a drive-thru would fit THiS location?

Post YOUR suggestions below :)

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