Recently I blogged about a new skate park that is going to be built at Veteran's Park in Bayville and it got me to thinking about Teens here at the Shore, is there enough activities to keep them from straying into trouble? This is a sort of OP/ED piece that I'm doing to get your feedback and see what residents think about our situation for Teens ..

My children are no longer teens, but for them I think the key was school. Both of my kids played sports and where involved in extra curricular activities. I do think keeping kids involved at school is a huge part in keeping them away from trouble. I do realize not all kids want to play sports, but there are so many activities there has to be something for them to get active with and keep them from getting bored and getting into trouble. Now with that said we were active Parents in making sure the kids did these activities ... so is part of the equation the "Parents" and is it our responsibility to make sure our kids take part? 

What about after school, weekends and summer? Do you feel there are enough resources for Teens .... there are movies, skate parks and beaches, but what else do we need here at the Jersey Shore for them to do? Do kids take part in clubs, scouting and other types of after school activities?

I firmly believe that Teens who are active have more friends and less time to find trouble, do you agree?

If you belong to an organization or club that has "Teen" activities through out a plug for your group and info ... sharing ideas may be a great resource for kids and parents!

What do we need for Teens here at the Jersey Shore?



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