Gathering To Chat in Ocean County
While visiting a town in Union County, New Jersey, I noticed something really nice. Park benches were positioned to face each other. It's an arrangement that enables people to have honest to goodness face-to-face conversations. It gives people from the community a place to relax and catch up…
Is It Normal To Talk To Ocean County’s Pets?
It struck my friend as funny that before we left the house I told my dog where I was going first, and then where I would head next, and then where I'd be having dinner, and then the time I expected to be back home.  I told her I do this all the time...
It’s A Battle of the Sexes and Women Win
When it comes to talking...we talk a lot more then men.  Does this surprise you?  Doubt it! 
Scientists finally figured it out.  We as women love to talk, about 20,000 words a day which is almost triple the number guys say in a day which is at about 7,000.  R...
Happy Birthday WOBM-FM!
Happy 44th Birthday.  WOBM-FM is my second family and home to me.  A lot of you feel that way too.  I'm so privileged and blessed to work and play here.   And it all began on this day March 1st, 1968.