According to World Population Review, as of 2022, there are 102,228 gun licenses in the Garden State. Gun ownership in New Jersey is 14.7% (One of the lowest in the United States)


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So our question is "Is it Legal For Your Wife To Use Your Gun In Self-Defense in New Jersey?" Believe it or not, there is a description regarding this inquiry. According to US LawShield, "There are no statutory exceptions or exemptions for household or family members on any grounds, whether self-defense, safety instructions, maintenance, or merely moving the gun about the house. This means, under New Jersey law, the concept of a family house gun is inherently unlawful."


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For example, if your home was being broken into and you handed "your" gun to your partner and said to watch the back door, you would be guilty of "making an unlawful firearms transfer under New Jersey law". So I am assuming the answer to this situation would be to have a legally registered firearm for you and your partner this way you could both defend your property from home invasion.


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What do you think of this law? Share your thoughts and post your comments below.


Here is an additional question when looking into firearms for your family. Can you buy 2 handguns at the same time in Jersey? According to, "New Jersey prohibits licensed firearms dealers from knowingly delivering more than one handgun to any person within any 30-day period. With limited exceptions, people may not purchase more than one handgun within any 30-day period."


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