I think this is the best bet for vacationing this year, at a campground. Camping sounds fun or I like to call it "glamping".


It's funny because if you're looking up some campgrounds, they'll actually advertise "glamping" and this could be perfect for me. I'm so not a tent person, maybe in my back yard for a night (I've done this, it was fun). I just went a couple feet inside to the bathroom, it was perfect. So, when I look to camping for a family adventure I look for a cabin. I know, if you're a camper you're probably saying, "Sue, come on" get rugged, lay on the ground and feel the bugs"...oh no, sorry. But, I will tell you with everything happening with Covid-19, hanging in nature with my family, totally social distancing under the trees with a good campfire, sounds perfect to me.

I've been searching different campgrounds throughout New Jersey and there are some great ones. Great ones right here in Ocean County, at the beach in South Jersey, and even some in North Jersey, who knew? I'm very excited for this little adventure with the family, hopefully you can help me with your favorite campground. Where do you like to go camping? Are there special things you are looking for in a campground? What do I look for? Like I said, I need a cabin (preferably with a bathroom and shower) and I'm really into driving golf carts around, so I think that's important (am I being selfish). Some pools are open at different campgrounds and if it has a lake for kayaking, that would be great, also. We don't need a kitchen in the cabin, we'll cook right on the fire. Roasted hot dogs and s'mores every night. This is getting better and better.

Here are the top 4 campgrounds in Ocean County, recommended, according to yelp.com:

Long Beach RV Resort & Campground - 30 Route 72
Barnegat, NJ

Butterfly Camping Resort - 360 Butterfly Rd
Jackson, NJ

Sea Pirate Campground - 148 Main St
West Creek, NJ

Cedar Creek Campground - 1052 Atlantic City Blvd
Bayville, NJ

Happy Camping or "GLAMPING".

Sue Moll
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