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I am going to jail .... If people don't stop "tailgating" ! I cannot drive anywhere without someone riding up my bumper!

I probably should not let ignorant drivers bother me , but I just can't help it! It is annoying and a safety hazard. I wonder what it is the other driver thinks they will accomplish by being practically in my back seat ?

I'll floor it !

I will run my car off the road to make way?

I'll explode or vanish ?

Do Police pull over "tailgators" ? For the moment I'm not being sarcastic. Is there a moving violation for "tailgating" ?

I did an experiment

I drove the Garden State Parkway , speed limit 65.... I gave myself a lil speed and set cruise control on 69. I know it may be lil slow , but nearly 70 mph has to be a decent speed ? Well every single car that was in my lane first rode up on me basically tailgating and then passing .... Well over the speed limit. To make matters worse as I exited the Parkway onto Route 539 East.....the driver behind me, yes you guessed it! TAILGATOR ! and they did so all the way to Route 9 ! I actually find more tailgating on local roads and secondary streets.

Look I'm not saying everyone should drive slow, not at all. I do think a responsible speed is needed for safety, economy and wear and tear on your vehicle.

Bottom line:

Nothing is accomplished by tailgating! Has anyone ever just pulled over and gotten out of your way and made a clear path for you ? NO so give some space ! Lol We will all benefit !

Whats your thoughts ? Agree - Disagree?