Driving in New Jersey isn't easy, but you already knew that. One TikTok user feels all of our pain and somehow made the most perfect video that sums up driving here in the Garden State.

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There are so many things to deal with when driving in New Jersey. First, there are people who hang out in the left lane and don't use it for passing. Sometimes, people forget to use their blinkers altogether. And then there are the tailgaters who cause issues!

But this TikTok from a user named mothpod isn't talking about any of those bad drivers (and to be honest, we could probably make a ton more videos about them). It's actually not a very long video at all, and yet it happens to say so much.

The video below is all of us when we've gotta go somewhere and there is inevitably that one driver (or drivers) who aren't driving fast enough. I don't want to promote unsafe driving, so I'll just say it's frustrating when drivers aren't keeping up with the flow of traffic. I'll let you be the judge of whether or not that means what this video says it does.

@mothpodliterally so annoying ##newjersey ##MACscaraface♬ Foggy Mountain Breakdown - Banjo Express Ensemble & Yannick Huet & Christian et Philippe Bon & Pascal Maucourant & Luis-josé Landa

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