In a recent Fox Business article, 24/7 Wall Street broke down how much a dollar is actually worth in each State here in the U.S. and the Garden State is down towards the bottom. Jersey is an expensive place to live...

We are taking a look at the "Jersey" breakdown. As you might imagine the "dollar" isn't worth a "dollar" here in New Jersey ... in fact we are the 4th lowest State in the nation when it comes to "dollar" value.

Here's a breakdown of the research:

  • Dollar Value: 0.88 (4th Lowest)
  • Personal Income Per Capita: $67,609 (4th Highest)
  • Income Adjusted by Cost of Living: $52,651 (7th Highest)
  • Median Home Value: $334,900 (6th Highest)

Mississippi ranked #1 with the "dollar" value at $1.16 ... Hawaii was lowest with the "dollar" value at $0.84

Are YOU Surprised It's Really Expensive to Live in New Jersey? 

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