All things being considered, we got out of last winter pretty easy (after Sandy, of course). A storm or two here and there. A bit of snow, but nothing all that horrible. This winter, however, has been a very different story.

Since the winter weather started to roll in a little before Christmas, it's seemed like we've had a few days to dig out, even some mild sun to help the melt, and then another system rolls through and either drops the temperatures or drops a bunch of snow on us.

In the half a dozen weeks of official winter so far, we've had school closings, delays, business closings, states of emergency, a run on sidewalk salt, and bad road conditions.

A lot of people have had to work from home, make arrangements to either get their kids from school early or find something to do with them on an unexpected day off, and businesses that have to close due to weather, obviously lose money every hour that the doors are locked.

So how has this winter impacted you personally so far? Feel free to vent in the comments section!