I attended a panel discussion of business women in Philadelphia last night.  They were high-powered, influential women talking about their professional journeys.  It was interesting hearing them share how hard they work, how they learn from their mistakes, how they surround themselves with good people, and how much they value being mentored and mentoring others.

When asked by an audience member what tips they have for finding work/life balance, the panelists shared a variety of recommendations:

  • Don't schedule early morning meetings
  • Don't work or check e-mails on Sundays
  • Exercise and/or do Yoga
  • Travel (even short day trips can help)
  • Make time to do things you enjoy

So I'd like to ask the same question of you.  What's one thing that you do to try to achieve work/life balance?  Your answers may help others who might be struggling to find balance!  I look forward to reading your Comments below.

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