So, when you mention the McDonald's to a Bayville resident, what's the first thing you hear?

We NEED a new one, it's time for a new and improved McDonald's on Rt. 9. It's happening, the Gold Arches of McDonald's in Bayville is FINALLY getting a make-over. Listen, like it or hate it, McDonald's is easy after a late volleyball game at my daughter's school. We go to McDonald's. Please don't judge. And, I like it. Sometimes, to me, there's nothing better than a McDonald's cheeseburger and fries.

For so many years we'd go into the little McDonald's, near the ShopRite in Bayville, and sit in the blue booth seats at the blue tables. You know you've been into the Bayville McDonald's when you've been in the "blue" booth seats. I'm hoping the inside will get a make-over, too.

I've had countless parties in that little seating area in McDonald's. And it was always the smallest McDonald's in the area. I hope when they do the make-over, just maybe, the bathrooms will have a re-do, too. Either way, it's time.

Here's a little bit of history that you might not know about McDonald's:

In 1968, The Big Mac was introduced.

In 1973, The Quarter Pounder and the Quarter Pounder with cheese were introduced.

In 1975, The Egg McMuffin was introduced.

In 1983, Chick McNuggets were introduced.

In 1993, The world's first McCafe' opened up in Australia.

In 1995, The McFlurry was introduced.

In 2003, "I'm Lovin It" began.

In 2015, McDonald's started serving breakfast all day.

The Grand Re-Opening will be soon and this girl is ready. There is a new item coming to menus, maybe just in time for the Grand Re-Opening - The McPlant, McDonald's first-ever plant-based burger (should be coming out within the next couple of months).

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