If your social media feed is filling up with photos of smiley faces on peoples' hands, it's because today is World Adoption Day.   It's a day to celebrate family, specifically families who come together by way of adoption.  The guy who created the holiday wanted to acknowledge those people who take care of kids who aren't able to be cared for by their birth parents.

He knows that fear and the cost of adoption can put off some people who could be awesome parents.  His organization has a bunch of resources available at at the World Adoption Day website and through the crowdfunding site https://adopttogether.org/ .  Hank Fortener says every child deserves a family

I know lots of people who have adopted and who have BEEN adopted.  It seems like such a wonderful, life-changing act for all.

Kudos to "This Is Is" for sharing Randall's journey with us each week.  He was adopted as a baby and raised in Jack and Rebecca's loving home with two of their birth children.

Have you been impacted by adoption?  Perhaps you've fostered and/or adopted a child?  Maybe you were raised by parents who adopted you?

I'd love to hear some adoption success stories so please share in the Comments section.  And for those Ocean County residents who may be CONSIDERING adoption, please share names of agencies which can help.

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