Hey Jersey Are These Your Biggest Complaints During The Holidays? That is the
"gist" of a Consumer Reports survey of people's biggest gripes during the holiday season. This report just popped up in my news feed and I was curious to see if I agreed.


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I'll be honest, I love the holidays. I enjoy the season and look forward to all the "craze" of this time of year, so usually I don't complain too much and I don't put a lot of pressure on myself with the holiday rush. That being said, let's look at the list of "holiday gripes".


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10. Traveling 21%

9. Seasonal Music 21%

8. Putting Up Holiday Decorations 22%

7. Getting Into Debt 29%

6. Gift Shopping 29%

5. Political Discussions with Certain Family Members or In-Laws 33%

4. Gaining Weight 33%

3. Getting the House Back In Order 35%

2. Aggressive or Thoughtless Driving in Store Parking Lots 54%

1. Crowds and Long Lines 57%


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There is the list from Consumer Reports. Do you agree with the Top 10? Are long lines and crowds the worst part of the Holidays? My pick for worst of the Top 10 would be "putting up the holiday decorations". Because as we know before you put them up you have to get them out, so it's a day-long event, or two lol. If I had to pick a second one of the Top 10 I'd go with "getting the house back in order". It's work, but I do like getting things back in order and the start of the new year.

How do you feel about this list and which ones would be your worst?


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